Locate Iran is an online exhibition, with one of the most unique experiences you'll ever have through the world wiLD web. Beautiful art, gifs, music and videos brilliantly embedded into a rad webpage that you can scroll through and be overwhelmed by. 

Locate Iran is a hosted by KoProjects, an international contemporary art and curatorial organisation. Their main intention is to create and facilitate projects and opportunities for emerging to mid career artists, writers, curators and cultural producers from all parts of the world. They are currently running two projects ‘Locate’ and ‘Platform’.

The programme for ‘Locate’ 2016 is focused on emerging talent from the MENA region including; Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Morocco whilst ‘Platform’ is inclusive to all artists and cultural producers from any corner the world. 

"In the future we hope to collaborate with more artists and curators on myriads of things , broaden the landscape of contemporary art and in the long term, find ways to make the organisation more sustainable." - Jeff Ko


Locate Iran (live)
Locate Egypt - (open for submissions)
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