One of the biggest challenges was opening the e-store and creating excellent content for you to purchase, hug and maybe even caress. 


It currently has our first volume of zines, but will soon include other publications, stickers, postcards, totes, and art kits, in collaboration with our contributors. 

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We got to exhibit our zines in Fully booked alongside incredible artists and publishers.


Fully booked is the first art book fair in the United Arab Emirates. It premiered this year and included several independent publishers, artists, workshops by wonderful humans in the region and a zines/publications exhibition. You can read more about it here.



We can't think of a better way to start our year. In collaboration with SAF, we held a zine making workshop. We walked around #SAFneighbourhood, explored, observed and documented our surroundings in several methods that included but weren't limited to photography and illustrations.  

Below are some photographs taken throughout the workshop. 

After exploring the SAF neighbourhood, we regrouped in SAF's magical urban garden and started creating zines.  

We'd like to thank Sharjah Art Foundation for this opportunity, and personally thank Hessa Ajmani for creating this excellent community programme, that encourages humans to explore and (sometimes, experimentally) document surroundings. A huge thank you to everyone who participated, seeing things through your lens was incredibly overwhelming.

Feel free to check out the brilliant creations of our participants.




We've decided to take a short break from publishing general issues and focus on promoting Jaffat El Aqlam and printing zines. However, submissions are always open and you can email us at any time, if you have any ideas you'd like to run by us. 

Every couple of days, we'll be posting from our gem of an archive to instagram, and every Friday, we'll compile them here as a recap. We have also summarized everything we do here in a very cool thread on twitter, you can check it out here.

Please, spread the word about what we do here. Tell your fam, lovers, friends, fav ghosts, plants, cats, dogs & selves. Many exciting things are happening in this lil digital space. 

We can't wait to share everything with you.  

- Jaffat El Aqlam team