Khabar Keslan is an independently run, volunteer-based, primarily English-language online review featuring art and critique relating to the Global South, with a particular focus on the Middle East and North Africa. This is a dedicated platform for dissidents, artists, critics, and those on the margins.

We are deeply unimpressed by the representation of the region; hence our name, “Khabar Keslan,” or lazy news. Coverage of these regions tends to emphasize violence, chaos, and corruption. But the region is also complex, beautiful, and wrought with passionate voices.

As much as destruction characterizes the region, so does creation.

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An independent bilingual publication exploring a range of topics shared by a globally based generation that speaks, thinks, and lives in Arabic and English. Tariff is made up of a varying balance of both languages. It is the product of recognising our presence within the cultural, political, and temporal overlap between these two languages.

All content is published in its original language; English, Arabic, or a combination of both. Topics vary with every issue, often spanning the cultural, artistic, musical, critical, research based, personal, ironic, and satirical.

Tariff is like a collective journal tallying the progression of thoughts within a group of people who share it.



Diplo(mantiq) – (دبلو (منطق

Diplomantiq (adverb) = Combining diplomacy and Mantiq (logic in Arabic). A new state of being for the everyday citizen diplomat – That is, you and I.

Diplomantiq is a social initiative operating on a non-profit basis, focussed on individual & collective progress in society.

Subjects covered: Culture & Art, Digital and Social Media, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, physical well-being and of course, diplomacy.


OPPORTUNITY: Diplomantiq is seeking a curator/creator of digital content on art, culture and social entrepreneurship. If interested, contact them.



Banat Collective is a creative community made in response of a lack of artist spaces and lack of discussions womanhood within the arts in the MENA region. Our platform aims to support creatives seeking to produce, collaborate and share their work with the world.

We believe that a discussion of intersectionality, feminism, gender and identity politics from a 'middle-eastern' perspective is becoming increasingly relevant and important. Banat Collective offers a space for discussion and creation and to address these questions and issues that course through our everyday lives.

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