Your white feet has travelled above the cruel stones
Blackened and smothered by some whore from Babylon
Right under the breaking rain, strongly you stood
You smiled so freely and dug your toes deeper into the swallowing ocean
Leaving emotion
Employing illusion
Disillusioned by nature’s contribution
Praying and sailing rockingly, hysterical..
And for that you have become my miracle
For that you’ve turned this war into a casualty
For that you have made a hero out of  an anti
You have my blessings to flee without an alibi
Because your whiteness has charmed the chosen ones
Because your darkness was my light but not theirs
Because you’re gray, and that is the kindest color
Because you’re gray and you’re god’s wildest lover
Save yourself from this light
And run swiftly into the night
Where these leaders cannot feed you sand worms
Where I choose to kiss your tombstone goodbye
But I know that this farewell is only a form
Your flaws and secrets I’ve adorn
And I will rejoice with you, my gray lover.
To the middling silver lining and back to the stars
You are the kindest color 

Dedicated to my deceased father, Rashed.