Good morning cherry breather,

the flowers in my garden have been deciding to let us be for the construction workers’ noise these days, I told my father the reason of them doing so is that the noise stole the morning from us so now we are too busy being “modern humans” rather than keeping the little habits that keep us in our skins like singing for the flowers, making sure to kiss them, never mind the moths, never tell anyone if there is a bee around any sun flower so no one would avoid saying hello to it. If you were here, I’m sure you’d help me create a hideaway for the flowers and collect piano keys from chitchats so we’d never have their colours washed off of our days. If you were, tonight would be less about me hearing the walls and having my knuckles turned into secret chambers to write what was I told later into pavements and more about our bodies shouting to all the buildings who are trying so hard to barely exist more than we are. I feel like that is pretty selfish of me, to not want any other creature to compete with us humans and try to exist for a mere moment, but at the same time what are we if we are not the only ones known to bother with that matter?