* war in definition is the violent contact of distinct but similar entities.

* war was in the violent contact of our truths, our last words, our silence thereafter.

* (war) in the collision of our bodies, violent, overwhelmingly so.

* you felt your heart burst at the tip of your tongue, and the world not blur but crumble at the sides, leaving only the urgency of the moment demanding your gaze to be directed at it. war; the crash of our fears at the realization of the inevitability of absorbing the taste of another human’s divinity in an exchange of souls.

* war in our creation, the collision of stars. in the frailty of our ability to withhold our essence when it comes pouring out of our fingertips, our fists opening to clasp, unclasping to let go.

* when we were no more, war was. still in the disposition during all the time there was no assurance of our contrary.

* our war no longer is.


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