it’s quite easy to see the colors
under your skin, your veins a
bluish green, the blood vessels
in your cheeks were always dilating
a shade of crimson. the blood vessels
underneath my eyes have always dilated
twice as much, a hint of bluish purple.
skin is not transparent, i know.
but it is translucent and light moves
right through us. you might not have
ever seen right through me, but
you got to see the ghostly shades
of the vessels dilating on my face.


i remember after you stopped
opening your eyes in my presence,
i spent too much time attempting to
make up ways i could outrun the
speed of light in a marathon
so even when you insist not to look at
me you’d see my ghost with the open
eyes underneath your translucent 
eyelids. (to go underneath your
skin and see your inner workings
and what error caused the production
of the sourness in your aftertaste.)