You'll learn more from that crack of light at the birth of dawn, than you ever will during second period. And these soulless compounds of human bodies, maybe they work around the same way a muddy puddle on the side of the road could hug the reflection of tonight's full moon.

Maybe their eyes shine with so much gleam because they carry your picture in their pupils. I see you in the midst of that gleam; I see your coffee stained shirt and the traces of sunshine on your flushed cheeks.

You go to sleep with trees growing in your arms, veins turning into branches thick enough to carry six birds and all of their nests. You're every season of the year, your fingertips are enough to hold up all the planets in outer space. You are the riches of the universe, in all of earth's bridges and specks of stars.

The streets between me and you shall break me apart, for I cannot stroke the palms of your hands and gossip to your lungs about the man they're keeping alive.

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