I’ve grown sickened by the self-told deception
Loathing the vague clarity induced by the intoxicated haze
Loathing the numerous cancer sticks I’ve burnt to touch a brighter beam in my blue days
Rejoiced with the slaves of placebo through rituals and ways

I’m sick of all of this bullshit,

Empty conversations under the table
My monologue is on a high and I can’t find my cradle

Lustful masked angels whisper half of the truth
The other half has ceased to make it to my youth
Raging away from my reach, as it slipped out of yours

I’ve grown resentful listening to the sweaty religious figures preaching their views in the dews of dusk and dawn
May that be a reason for me to frown?
Had they put a thought into God?
Had they forgotten how little their righteousness is beneath the seven skies?

I’m sick of all of this bullshit..

Conscience dearest,
Dare I not to have introduced you to my five long lost soul-mates ?
Here they are dancing in the flames of hate
Here they are longing for your return
Scream the truth into their eyes for they are numbed by a new-found light that burns

Because I’ve lost the friction with their shoulder-blades along the front lines
And I demand for my mind to be ejected and tossed away in the land of God merciful
I want my sip and I want my dose
Return to me, and I vow to drop my pen and go home

I’m sick of you
I’m sick of me