What was it like before I got here?
Before I cracked the doorway
In your ribcage & set free your heart? -Eve to Adam


Don't spit my name.
The only reason
You need to carry a
Man's name on your own
Is because,
The land that
Bore you,
Let you live,
9 months, rent-free under its roof
Does not need a reminder
To love you.
Or forgive you
When you plant hate in your new home. -Eve to Cain


You claim I took the first bite
And you,
Poor and infatuated as you were
Misguidedly followed
So why is it
You say I am half-witted?
Why is it you break my spirit,
Put a sock in your heart's mouth
Then claim,
God made me to follow,
And you, to lead? -Eve to Adam; Apple Side-r


At least when I do something
I do not wear God
Or religion, or Patriotism,
On my tongue
To carry the guilt
That would stain my conscience. -Lucifer/ابليس

text // shahd fadlalmoula
art // eman aleghfeli