I'm the guilty nights and sorry mornings
he forgotten prayers and reckless emotions
the grieving pens on sad devotions that are lost in the name of revolution
I'm the absent color of the rainbow 
the little girl that before her time was fully grown I'm that little girl's poems

so rhyme me away from reality
closer to fancies
beyond this world's tragedies
rhyme the verbs and nouns
the actions and sounds
rhyme the thousand verses that I've never found but kept living them thousands times around
rhyme the things I know for the things I used to know and all the stuff I'm suppose to know
rhyme me like I'm a pencil that fell in love with a paper and together they rhymed about all the stolen moments of history
rhyme me like the childhood bed time stories like the rhythm of a wild swing-set like the heart beats of that little girl jumping off her school fence
rhyme me like Davincii's fingerprints on Monalisa's smile
like the legends and riddles that never die
rhyme me like the Nile

and write me on the walls of an ancient Egyptian grave
breath and exhale me into an empty space
where I am a fickle artery joined with a lyrical vein
then trigger that poetic gun into my brain
blast my vessels into a rhythmic rain
and rhyme me like I've never felt pain