Love thy self 
Kill your conscience
Rest your mind
Feed your fire
Water your heart
Let your roses sprout
Miracles are abound
If only you come down
So you can look up

You drench me in splendor
And I reply with a poem
A drizzle
A sigh
A laugh
Not enough
Never enough
I shed my wings for you
But I now ache for the sky
God cursed you and me
I don’t think we can ever be

I look up and scream “why” in anguish
I look up and smile in gratitude
God loves me 
He loves me not
God loves me 
No, he does not

Count your blessings
Wipe your tears
Hide your pain
Silence your mind
Don’t say it out loud
People will hear you
God will burn you
Don’t they know?
Hell is within
And heaven is not for me