It's not uncommon for writers to go quiet, and we're always so quick to judge. Writer's block we say, it happens all the time. 

But sometimes, it's not writer's block. In fact, it's the loudest thing a writer can say. It's when there's so much to say, so many words that need to be put down and uttered that the only way to do it right is to be quiet. 

The only way you could possibly imagine how dark or lonely or infuriating something is to hear it in the silence. 

Yes, words are a writers best friend. There is no relationship more passionate than a writer and the words he yields. And that's the point, words have limits. No matter how hard you try, sometimes, there are no words. And it's not because words have failed you, it's because you understand them so much that you know that silence is just another language. Another dimension of words that so few manage to comprehend. 

There's parallel world where silence is the dominant language, where words are only occasionally exchanged, reserved only for the truest of all moments; I'm scared, I'm tired, I miss you .. I love you.


text // yasmine abu halawa
photo // f. h.