These invisible walls in which I lay
In dismay
Red spots covering the walls that only I can see
Covering the outside view where all of them be

In my prison, I stare at my freedom inches away
Leaving me in dismay
Unseen, unheard, a ghost
An empty shell with memories

I used to knock and scream so others can hear as the tears obeyed gravity
But no one would come close, after all, they can't see
I am exhausted, my voice has grown tired and my throat needs humidity
The tears are not enough to quench my thirst
Invisible walls, hidden within is me and no one but me

Lately, a voice calls out to me, keep fighting she says
Keep going, she begs
Her voice seems tired, more tired than me
Her tears as dry as sand, crying for me?
Never thought someone would cry for me

She was the the same
She knows of the wall, knows of my pain
Right now, she is all there is
My purpose is clear, for that little girl I will try everyday, fight another day
In dismay