I'm a forest that's filled with sadness,
An ocean that feels so blue.

A continent that has cow madness
A man that has gotten the flu

A half eaten donut; a dropped ice cream cone
The shattered cracked screen 
of a spanking new phone

A black ugly bruise, a closet of grey,
I'm the lone thread of a dangling fray 

I am misery, mind that you don't forget me
I am much stronger than happy could be

Ouch! Stop that! Don't pelt me with pointy rocks-
Painted in colors and covered in frocks!

No! Don't! Get back from that brownie!
Don't crawl into a duvet that's quite downy!

Stop being content! Start feeling bad! 
Remember all that you could have had!

Oh phooey, I quite give up on you.
You're arrrghh-ptimistic, oh bleh! Pee-yoo!

I'll go to some other ridiculous child
I'll do my magic and they'll go wild.

Fine, okay! Yes I'm leaving now!
No need to dance and shout and-ow!

Okay! Okay! Hold your galoshes. I'm gone.

But let me leave this door open just a crack.
You never quite know when I might be back.