My heart lies in nostalgia

My heart lies in an ancient land

The ruins were not so ruined

Had the love been loved? 

Had the cold been told

That there's a flame awaiting after falling back? 

Stuck in the future and in my aspirations 

It began to feel like growing up is equivalent to falling from grace.

And every winter the ledge decided to grow taller

And here I am seeming smaller to the abyss 

With every winter the transparent pain wrapped itself around me tighter for a status.

My pen is running dry as I'm writing myself this



I kept murmuring to myself. 

But I shall return to this sentimental self of mine with a whole lot of ink

For I am afraid I will get stuck again

In my future and in my aspirations

I yearn for another beam of light 

In the ruins of my emotions 

In the glory of my love 

text // saeed rashed
art // nihal abdilattif