Sabah el nour,

We just arrived and everything is alright, alhamdullilah.
We had tea with the family, the beach is beautiful and the people are nice and welcoming.
I hope everything is going just fine back home, we miss you. 



About Mohini's Postcards - This project is one of the most important of my artworks, as it was deeply rooted in the identity part of my work. The " 10 POSTCARDS" project is a fictive exchange between two lovers who are separated for a certain amount of time, because of a specific event that I purposely didnt develop - it could be anything, whether holidays in the homeland or something else. I chose to mix languages to give off a feeling of constant motion, having to move from one place to another without having the time to adapt to any. These postcards follow a person's trip with their families, who learns more about themselves while they're away from their country of adoption. While losing sight of familiar faces, they get in touch with people that resemble them, making them calmer and more organised in their thoughts. I wanted to express the feeling I've always felt of not belonging anywhere because I was too mixed, but simultaneously belonging everywhere, reconnecting with your/my-self through languages, in countries that are completely new to you/me yet being from there. The here, and there, and who, and (re)connection with the self, the death of "otherness" allowing us to erase the ego.