Here's a fresh collective you KNEW you needed and might have even wished for. Banat Collective is an exciting digital space that will feature artists and articles from MENA.

"BANAT serves and exists as a platform to open a discussion about feminism in the Middle East. It is available to those who wish to participate and create meaningful work surrounding various topics dealing with the middle-eastern feminist perspective. 

The collective exists digitally and physically meaning that the work featured will be accessible through digital forms such as e-mags and articles as well as creating thoughtful and inspiring art exhibitions in the real world. 

Because we have a focus on feminism, we open the floor to all genders as we believe that the discussion involves every human looking to create a better world for all of us."

 -Sara Safwan founder & editor of Banat Collective

BANAT is looking for members and contributors for future projects which will include publications, exhibitions, critical talks and other fun! 

Send your work and questions to

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