i’m trapping myself in a glass box that i’ve built. 
suffocating by my melancholy, i see my regret washing up at my feet like beach waves. i feel my remorse as it builds up to flickering flames. 

my sighs create universal understanding. it’s the wind that shakes the flowers which crawl inside of my box. 

these are the elements which ruin me.
this glass is fragile. this glass is fragile. yet you threaten to shatter it with a push of a finger. 
there’s a sinking gap which separates us but i look at you and you make my heart flutter. 
i hear you laugh and it’s a soundtrack to me. 
to the Boy behind his wall. 
trapped in his flood of water. 
terrified by his flickering fire. 

you’re coming closer; threatening to break my walls and they shiver and quiver like my beating lub dub heart. 

don’t touch this barrier. 
don’t threaten me with kindness. 
don’t promise me honeymoon years.

stay behind this wall where i can see you clearly.
stay behind this wall and let your effect only be your fingerprints staining the glass.

i promise, you wont mark me anymore. 
in all the delirium you project, stay behind this wall. 

leave me in trance of my memories. let them consume me as you watch, helpless to stop me.

stay behind this wall. don’t you step a foot closer.