My Grandmother used to put Jasmine in my hair



The day before Eid, my great grandma would mix her own henna and put it on our palms before we slept. Back then, I hated it because it burnt my hands and I thought it was for old people, but now, I wish she was around to do them every Eid. Allah Yirhamha (May she rest in peace).



We'd water the plants and then go in for afternoon tea and biscuits and she'd tell me all kinds of stories.



My grandad taking us gardening with him. He got us gardening clothes like the ones he wears, and we'd get FRESH apples.



Watching abdelhalim movies with my tea, following judo around the garden with a lil bucket for the cucumbers & tomatoes we'd pick.



She used to put (basil) on her bed, and it smelled so good.



My grandma always used to boil hot water and put some Vix in it and cover my head for me to inhale it whenever I had the flu.

When I had long hair, I used to always go to my grandma to braid it, because she used to give me hella tight braids that I loved.

My grandma's remedy for everything ever is korkom and mill7 for anything. I remember when she taught me how to do it when I was 13 - 14.

My grandma likes putting henna on her feet frequently. Since I was 12, she would draw outlines and I'd fill 'em with a spoon.

My grandma can't read or write, but since I was a kid, she'd make us sit and teach her numbers so she can write down phone numbers down.

My other grandma is hilarious, she had to start wearing glasses recently and she wears them over her burqa, she looks so badass. 

She used to make me teach her Quran (she couldn't read) she'd ask where the verse would start and end to trace it with her finger.



.دايم تتابع مسلسلات بدوية وتسمعها لي وتأشر عالرجال الي بالمسلسل تعلمني مين يحب ومين راح يقتل



My grandma used to sing to me and play with my hair while I laid my head on her lap. My mom used to do the same to us a long time ago, but she stopped after she died.



She got me a fake nose piercing when I told her I wanted to pierce my nose. She couldn't convince my mom, so she improvised my rebellion. 



My grandma and I used to collect jasmines from the trees on the roadside in damascus and put 'em in a bowl of water as air fresheners. He sister who lives in Jordan still does this in the summer. It really is, the entire living room smells like jasmine for days.



They're not safe for twitter, my taita had a potty mouth.



My sitee (grandma) used to construct a bed for me out of mattresses and pillows to lie down near her when she told me bedtime stories. She told stories her own grandma told her. Her stories still put all I've read to shame.