"FLAWS was established in Muscat, Oman and is an urban wear company where each product designed explores the connotations behind society's views of "character flaws". The products challenge these views and promote the idea that our "flaws" are not something to be overcome, but to be embraced as facets of our individuality. This concept is prevalent in the backward 'S' in our brand logo, which appears to be the right way round in the wearer's reflection, while the rest is reversed; we encourage them to let go of the antiquated perception of societal norms being the only "correct" notion of character, and to embrace and accept their own individuality and self expression."

"FLAWS is the result of four Omani women who've known each other since kindergarten coming together and merging their unique and extremely different senses of style to form a cohesive brand. Having been brought up in similar ways we continuously use our collective cultures to assemble pieces that reflect our views of society as we break free from the bubble we grew up in. We hope that through making our merchandise available to the masses we can share our message, particularly with those who have grown up in similar cultures in surrounding nations."


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