As the Yemeni diaspora in the UAE makes up quite a sizeable chunk of the population, many continue to find ways to get a taste of home despite the ongoing war and conflict.

There is a bus that comes from Hadramout to Abu Dhabi once a week, carrying passengers and kilos of specialty Yemeni food products like Honey, dried fish, locally produced canned Tuna etc.

The bus ride is a somewhat risky journey where it passes through security checkpoints, crosses Oman and finally arrives to Abu Dhabi 30 hours later. I decided to follow my father and brother who went to pick up some goodies sent by my uncle. Some of which, is the ever so quintessential honey that Hadramout is very well known for.

Enjoying the intensely sweet and musky flavor of Hadrami honey is something that allows us to re-connect with the idea of home and celebrate the pride of our produce.