I wonder if you knew that
your eyes flicker and fade a red light district red or
that your kiss had a sting to it like tasting a battery.
left to my mangled temple. you've run
our cataclysmic love into the ground.
your jaded demeanor leaving me doors
to unlock even after your gone.
I was your sadist's wet dream.
A psychotics feast.
Armageddons deep blood swirls in my head and
plays its sacrificial drums.
You’re an undiagnosed mental patient.
A death row reject
and I’m drenched in your serial sarcasm fallacies
and wry empathy.
My superfluous soul sinks into a void
as I shower your vagabond caress
with sin clogging up the drain.
My intrepid demon. You've ended me
when I would be ruined for anyone else.
A lust-soaked infatuation.
Honey lip drips that tell me you’re too sweet for me.
There’s a dark solitude that comes with being so broken and lost.
Late at night across a canal I would be another Jane.
A soul you've feasted and consumed only to move on.
Your absent eyes sewn shut.
Your hash mouth fucked twice.
I'm released from my choke chain
but freedom has a severe price
but slavery is a cold slimy processed hell.
Chaos from the devil.
Silence from above.
If I grieve myself into a grave,
would death soothe my rolling soul
or mock my flesh into decay.
I’ll meet you once more
under gods wrath and
malevolent gaze that might condemn us
both to hell for eternity but together again.