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Kuwait seems to be blooming in electronic tunes; the last time Kuwait was mentioned on Jaffat Elaqlam was because of the two rad girls of II WAVEZ. This time, we’re introducing an EP by the musician Salem AlSalem.

Salem AlSalem is a do-it-all artist; he designs his tracks’ covers, sings, writes songs, and plays multiple instruments. He is also a member of the locally loved band, Galaxy Juice and part of the Empty Alter project.

About his music, Salem says that he likes experimenting, creating soundscapes, ambiances and atmospheres. As for his first EP ‘Altersal’, he mentions that it was his own dark experience which he produced alone; different from anything he plays with his band. 

The dream pop/electronic experimental EP consists of four tracks, playing for almost 17 minutes as a whole. The whole EP feels like stepping into a river knees deep, yet it is still daylight, so you still move your hands to the music while having the stream eat your legs. Beginning with the curious and groovy first track After Loath, then the second track Come Between hits different notes and your dance differs a bit, but you’re still in the river, the sun is getting hotter, and your fingers are still dancing when the third track I’m Not Fading comes along holding you for six minutes of rhythm. And finally, the lyrics-free Drop The Curtains has you by the feet to the head, ending the EP mystically. 

The highlight of the album to me is definitely Drop The Curtains, in which, to me personally, Salem truly shines and gives us a piece of him to experience to what feels like a split second taken from a huge time lapse. The fusion of spacey sounds, old vinyl playing at the background, and careful stirs of  electronic sounds create a mix that captures the quiet explosion Salem was trying give to his audience through this EP.


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Exhaling heartfelt human oceans bit by bit, this how the Kuwaiti indietronica band gives out their music to the world. II Wavez, a band consisting of two rad girls; Cera, a fine arts student who plays the keyboard and drums, and Ghaliya, a high school student who plays the guitar. 

The band was formed in 2013, and has two albums so far: Ocean of Love and Youth, with the first consisting of two tracks and the latter consisting of five.

ii wavez // soundcloud & bandcamp
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