In the darkest ocean I saw a light shining its way through the waves

Like fingertips tracing my spine electrifying my skin
My heart beats faster than the speed of sound

Fire in my eyes blizzard in my soul
My eyes ache and kneel for the beautiful undisclosed unknown
Something surreal it overcomes divine
Waves crashing against the shore grinding upon my shame..she is
As if it were her favorite art

There’s passion to her nails when dug onto my skin
Stealing layers trapped in between the claws and fingertips of she

We are the people of the world, we are the gods in this space

So take me for a ride in the tides to the wildest utopian grounds

My breath is an orphan.. You could be the end of me, the birth of heaven’s tamed treasoner

All I desire in this blasphemous occasion is for our bones to entangle
For our souls to commune
For our stars to clash

Tomorrow is an illusion, yesterday’s flown away with the ashes
We’re left with nothing but the pleasure and the pain, the sole beauty of the bittersweet
Observe me as I weep for the utmost
Take me in..
Ascend me to the end of time
To the roof of your mouth, to the heights of life..
Until we have broken through ordinary, the dead land of ordinary
And mercilessly drop me upon the burning core

There’s life in our dreams this night, glorified by our creation of madness..
‘Forever’ is the burden we could not endure
Endless libido pumping t’is impure

I needn’t an eternal force nor do I need the purity of heavens

I need you wholly solely instantly desperately this split of a moment
To quench your thirst
To fulfill your fantasies
To ease your fears and to dominate my weakness.
So destroy my well being and conquer my territory
To prey on my heart
This heart of a caveman

From this moon out, without your possession..I am of no worth
Needless of your ghosts
I love you now, adore me then
Taste my pain I’ll embrace yours

For may our bodies collide