OCHOBOYZ is a music group that's made up of people from different parts of the world, originally Stash Marina, VinYala, 8at8boy, Soisy & Mohini Hewa.

The crew keeps growing, involving more brown & black women, from different places. They all came together to sing, rap, mix and make videos. The main idea is to put black & brown girls in the front scene.

"Ghetto Hero" is their first music video. The people behind the song are Stash Marina, Soisy, VinYala, Feathermeal & Mohini, all brown artists coming together. The video was shot in India, California, San Francisco & London. Women in the videos are (in no particular order): Zarina Muhammad, Seema Mattu, Samira Warsame, Sesen Debesai, Stash Marina, Tonia Belgari, Soisy, 8at8oy, Sharmain Siddiqui, Kully Rehal & Miss Banga. 

Stay on the lookout for their first mixtape, 'Nipset Vol. 1'. The mixtape is going to feature a selection of new beats & sounds from North Africa, India and the US.

"I can tell you that I'm working on a track called "Tropicool" which aims at mocking people calling us exotic" -Mohini Hewa

Nipset Vol. 1

Nipset Vol. 1


email: ochoboyz@gmail.com
twitter // soundcloud