More podcasts from MENA are popping up recently, and it's very exciting. 

Episode 1: Feminism, writing, and the halcyon days of our sups awks puberty with @7allo.

Episode 2: Ruba, Iyone, and Lindsey spend an afternoon in Vienna, deconstructing and contextualizing race and its intersection with gender i.e the big fat elephant in the room!

We asked Ruba to tell us more about Broads Who Brain.

"Broads Who Brain was a seed of an idea I had when I moved to Paris and realized just how much Arabs are othered in western cultures. I went to independent conventions for film and print, and started to recognize a pattern. We were invisible unless we fit a tired narrative of terrorist and/or benighted. I decided to take matters into my own hands and showcase all the wonderful unsung heroes of the MENA region, one podcast at a time." - Ruba

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